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Raymond Lam’s new love is scolded by netizen: What makes him likes you?

38 years old Raymond Lam (林峯) declared his love confession before that he loved 24 years old Karena Ng (吳千語) very much and deeply, but their 5 years relationship became futile eventually. Anyway, Raymond is rich, handsome and does not lack of girls at all. In March 2018, he is exposed by Apple Daily (蘋果) for dating a Chinese model, Zhang Xin Yue (張馨月), born in 1990s with 35E cup size. They are taken photos of having fun in Ocean Park Hong Kong together with Raymond’s parent.

However, Raymond’s new love fails to win the liking from his fans. On 5th June 2018, Xin Yue uploaded a conversation online and a netizen scolded and humiliated her in a private message: “Excuse me, where do you (wild X) come from? What makes Raymond likes you?”

Xin Yue did not rebut and suspect that netizen hacked into an account. She left a message: “Mr or Miss, why do you need to hack into an account in order to scold me? No need to make it very troublesome and it is best to use your own account. I am not a prosperity god and it is normal for you to dislike me. I prefer you to spend the time to love yourself than scolding me. Fighting!” As for that netizen whose account was hacked, he or she was unaware of it and Xin Yue advised him or her to change the password in order not to let the history repeat.

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