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Rebecca Zhu chooses to spend time with her family if she has 30 minutes left

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) promoted Stealing Seconds (棟仁的時光) drama on 16th April 2018 and expressed she felt sad and wanted to scream whenever seeing the preview clip, as she recalled herself leaving hometown at 10 years old and seldom spent time with her family. Rebecca said emotionally: “We cannot turn back once the time passes and I am getting old. I realise that I need to cherish the time when my loved ones passed away.  I will definitely spend time with my family if I only have 30 seconds just like the female role character. (Tell your parent to stay in Hong Kong?) They have work in Suzhou but will definitely visit me in Hong Kong when they are free.”

In addition, Rebecca acted as a pole dancer and wore little clothing. She rarely wore sexy outfits after participating in Hong Kong beauty pageant and felt depressed that she failed to learn some movements when learning pole dancing. However, Rebecca managed to complete it and hope the audiences can see her breakthrough.

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