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Rebecca Zhu goes for window shopping alone

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) was crowned 2011 Ms Hong Kong 2011 and has been been working for TVB in recent years. Lately, she has been promoting new series, The Stunt (特技人) starring her as the female main lead. A few days ago, Apple Daily (蘋果) discovered Rebecca was dressed in blue colour dress with a gold colour spectacles at TV City. It is considered rare to be given a break and she was seen enjoying her high tea and chatting on the mobile at a Thai restaurant in a shopping mall.

Rebecca made the payment shortly and headed to a bookstore thereafter. Although it was quite crowded, some people managed to recognise her and Rebecca was not bothered by it. She continued to browse the books and pick up Steve Lee’s (李家鼎) culinary book for Cantonese cuisine. Is Rebecca interested in Cantonese cuisine?

Other than culinary books, Rebecca read psychology books as well. She then went to another shop selling household stuff and a shoe shop. As the sales assistant recognised Rebecca, she tried to recommend shoes to her but Rebecca left empty-handed eventually.

After the window shopping, Rebecca walked out of the shopping mall facing the road and browsed at different real estate shops. One male real estate agent walked out and told his female colleague to greet Rebecca after chatting together happily. It is unsure if they are her neighbours since Rebecca is living in Tseung Kwan O. She kept looking at her mobile during the conversation and headed to the bus stop to take a bus after 30 minutes. Rebecca joined the queue and took a bus to return to the company.

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