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Rebecca Zhu has little baby fats when participating in the contest at 16 years old

The Stunt (特技人) drama starring Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) has aired for a week and is considered a plot line with fast pace. Although Shaun acts as a calm person in Succession War (天命), but he remains cool even when portraying as a brave and generous man in The Stunt series. As for Rebecca, she is getting prettier and her Cantonese and acting skills have showed improvements.

It is definite that Rebecca is perceived as a beauty. During Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant at the time, she was pointed to resemble Fala Chen (陳法拉) and emerge as the champion. Rebecca also beat the first runner-up, Hyman Chu (希敏榮), second runner-up, Whitney Hui (希敏榮) and third runner-up, Mayanne Mak (許亦妮) and won the Most Popular (最受歡迎大獎) award. However after the contest, she was exposed for withholding information about participating other competitions including 2006 Ms Asia Pageant (2006亞洲小姐網絡賽) and (2003 水鄉儷人比賽) conducted in Suzhou.

Subsequently, Rebecca explained that she submitted the form for 2006 Ms Asia Pageant but there was no respond and did not become the winner in (2003 水鄉儷人比賽) as well. Looking back at the record, Rebecca is 16 years old at the time and looks almost the same when she participates in the contest. It proves that she is a natural beauty with little baby fats and resembles a country bumpkin to a little extent, but we can see Rebecca is a pure and innocent lady.

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