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Rebecca Zhu makes fun of Shaun Tam kissing another woman after his wife gives birth

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) have relationship scenes in The Stunt (特技人) drama and it aired their marriage scene a few days ago. Although it resembled a happy ending, but it turned out to be a story within a story and Shaun carried Rebecca to run away eventually.

Despite looking very cool in the series, Shaun was injured due to shooting another drama and went for stitches at the hospital. It caused Rebecca to worry for him: “I am worried about his injury and fortunately, the shooting runs very smoothly.”

When mentioned about working with Shaun, she was full of praises for him: “He resembles a big “brother” and takes good care of our team. I remembered I prepared a birthday cake for him last year and he was slightly embarrassed as we were unfamiliar with each other. But we manage to establish rapport quickly and the deepest memory was shooting a passionate kissing scene together after his son was born on the following day. He becomes a father again and everyone feels happy for him. He is very lucky as he kisses another woman on next day after his wife gives birth.”

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