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Ron Ng asks if Bosco Wong and Rose Chan live together

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and his good friend, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) recorded a TVB show, Beautiful Cooking (美女廚房) at night on 3rd August 2018. Bosco revealed he felt exhausted after shooting a Chinese variety show in Spain for a week with a tight schedule and denied about paying with a hefty sum. When asked if his rumoured girlfriend, Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) cleaned his house while he was away, Bosco said: “I hired a maid to clean my house.” Checking if Rose appeared in the same episode to display her culinary skills, Bosco said: “I guess not and have no idea. (Did she tell you?) Nope.” Ron said when standing besides him: “He pretends he is clueless even if he is aware of it.” Asking if he was fine with performing with Rose together, Bosco said: “No problem.” Ron made fun of him again: “Live together?” Bosco then reprimanded Ron that he was a “rascal”.

When mentioned about food tasting in the show, Bosco and Ron replied they were “risking” their lives and should arrange an ambulance outside the studio room. Ron said: “The guest has diarrhoea previously and I reckon the food is undercooked again this time.” Bosco was also reminded of the previous suffering: “The food was smelly previously and hopefully it will be better this time. I purposely come with an empty stomach but must ensure the food is fully cooked before eating and will feel scared if it is undercooked.”

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