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Rose Chan praises Bosco Wong is a good man; She cannot feel he is wooing her

Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) are rumoured for having an underground relationship for 6 months after filming series and she was even pointed to leave her car at his apartment for a few days. On 17th April 2018, Rose expressed she loved eating ice-cream during an event (經典雪糕尋味之旅開幕禮) and would buy ice-cream with her friends after school. When remarked that someone could accompany her to eat now, Rose said: “Many people love to watch me eating.”

Rose admitted going to Bosco’s house and trying his culinary skills as well: “A whole group of friends go to his housewarming party and watch football together. The world cup only starts at 2am and there is many people around. I am clueless about circulating rumours about me only. During the filming, the hotel room has a kitchen and he boils soup for everyone. (Not dating Bosco?) Nope. My career is my top priority. (Feel that he is wooing you?) Nope. I have a male like character and we are good friends.” She also denied leaving her car at Bosco’s house and drove it off upon leaving the housewarming party.

Mentioning about Bosco’s single status, Rose praised he was a good man but did not have any relationship thoughts. When asked if she would consider Bosco, Rose said: “We work in the same line and understand it. We will not think about it and let’s take one step at a time. (Go out on a date together before?) Nope. We usually eat together with a group of friends and many people including me patronise his restaurant. I do not understand about combining two issues together.”

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