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Rosina Lam postpones her baby plan after a car accident

Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and renowned model, Lee Ann attended an opening ceremony of a football match as the guests at Kwun Tong on 9th June 2018. The celebrity football player, Thomas HaBier also taught them playing football and both of their football skills begun to show improvements. It was evident that Rosina was extra cautious with her movements after a car accident a few days ago.

Rosina showed her x-ray results online on that day and said: The Orthopedics says my bones is crooked and has helped me to straighten it now. My arm is numb previously and I start to feel better. The doctor issues medical chit to me and I need to rest for at least 3 weeks, depending on my body condition.” That driver did not contact Rosina until now and she will giving her statement at the police station later. When asked if it caused any phobia, Rosina said: “Yes, I will tell the chauffeur to stop and look in case some driver refuses to give way when driving out from a small road.” As she planned to nourish her body in order to have a baby initially, Rosina had to recover from her injury first and fortunately, the accident did not affect her fertility.

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