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Rosina Lam sees Raymond Lam’s new love during family gatherings

It was Rosina Lam’s (林夏薇) first appearance at a shopping mall activity as a freelance artiste on 26th July 2018 after her contract with TVB had ended. She expressed the work assignment was accepted on behalf of TVB earlier and her priority was taking care of her family now. Despite that, Rosina also learned financial investment in her husband, Jason Mok’s (莫贊生) company and managed her food business. She added that she had a simple candlelight dinner with Jason to celebrate their 3 years wedding anniversary.

When asked if she saw Raymond Lam’s (林峯) new love, Carina Zhang (張馨月), Rosina said without hesitating: “Yes, once or twice during family gatherings.” However, she knew she said something wrong and immediately clarified that Carina was Raymond’s rumoured girlfriend. Checking if Carina interacted with his family successfully, Rosina said: “We meet up rarely. (Are they a matching couple?) She is a beautiful girl and it is inconvenient for me to comment. You should ask Raymond directly and I have no opinion. What matters most is they are getting along well.”

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