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Rosina Lam’s dog dashes towards her when she exercises

Rosina Lam (林夏薇)  always has a good body figure and distributes benefits to the audiences in Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊) drama by shooting a “naked” scene.

A couple of days ago, Rosina shared an online video clip that the dog suddenly dashed towards her when she was doing exercises and showing her beautiful body shape by using yoga ball and her fans shifted their attentions to the dog immediately. The dog was seen walking around and went towards Rosina to kiss her. Perhaps the dog is curious about the owner’s activity and is infatuated with her. Rosina then tried to push the dog away and it moved away eventually. She left a message: “It is rare that I can exercise and have to stop it now. #It is better for the dog to watch television #Daddy Cool #Aki” Some netizens commented that the dog was taking advantage of Rosina and they wanted to be that dog.

In addition, Rosina’s secrets were exposed one after another. During a recent promotion campaign for Daddy Cool (逆緣) series with Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and David Chiang (姜大衛), Carlos revealed his mucus almost fell onto Rosina’s face when filming intimate scene and it resembled the story line in King of Comedy (喜劇之王) film.

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