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Ruby Lin: “Wallace Huo is a 100% Husband and Father!”

Taking a four-month break after giving birth to her daughter in January, Ruby Lin (林心如) is back to work. Making an appearance at a jewelry event, Ruby spoke about life at home and how Wallace Huo (霍建華) he is a very supportive husband and involved father.

Dressed in a beautiful off-shoulder red and white gown, Ruby showcased some of Cartier’s beautiful statement pieces. Admitting that she has a fairly extensive collection of fine jewelry, Ruby said she has become more aware of her spending after becoming a mother. However, Ruby expressed she will still continue to invest in jewelry, “If I have a lot, I can pass them onto my daughter. I’ll buy her something every year as a present. I’ll use them for now since she can’t use them – I’ll give them back to her when she’s 18 or 20.”

Still carrying a bit of post-partum weight, Ruby said she has not tried to actively losing weight as she has been breastfeeding her daughter since birth. Having left her daughter’s side for three days in April due to work, Ruby was very anxious to rush home to see her daughter again.


With husband Wallace Huo currently busy filming his new series, he has been reluctant to leave their daughter for work every day. Since Ruby is going to film her new series in May, she stressed the importance of coordinating her schedule with Wallace, so at least one of them is home to take care of their daughter in Taiwan.

Fortunately, Wallace has been a very supportive and involved family man. Ruby laughed, “In terms of being a dad, he gets 100 percent. And in terms of being a husband, he also gets 100 percent!”

Source: Ming Pao

The new drama will feature the same co-producer and scriptwriter from “Light the Night”.

Ruby also reveals how she convinced her husband, Wallace Huo, to agree to star in the drama.

With the delayed broadcast of season 3, Ruby addresses speculations that the finale is being re-filmed.

She shared an unexpected headache – having to arrange food trucks to be delivered to set from friends of her cast of actors!

Viewers look forward to Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s chemistry in “Light the Night” season 2.

While the drama focuses on the life of madam and hostess in Taipei’s nightclub, the focus is shifting to the circumstances of a murder.

Lending support to wife Ruby Lin’s production, it has been 2 years since the actor last appeared onscreen!

The actress’s studio was deregistered recently, igniting fan speculation. 

Set in 1988’s Taipei red light district, the suspense drama revolves around the lives and struggles of sex workers.

The Taiwanese female-centered drama follows three three friends and their journey into entrepreneurship.

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