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Ruco Chan rejects to marry Phoebe Sin in order to get rid of the bad luck

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) acted as a corrupted official in Succession War (天命) drama. His brilliant acting skills and the interesting plot line received good reviews from the audiences. However, the series failed to achieve good ratings record due to the World Cup and Ruco believed the result was satisfactory during an interview a few days ago.

Apparently, Ruco had been surrounded by negative news such as the exposure of his underground relationship with Phoebe Sin (單文柔), car accident lawsuit, house rental issue and his mother’s poor health since last year. It made him felt emotional but did not cross his mind to get married in order to pray for his mother’s health and get rid of the back luck. He believed marriage belonged to two parties and it was unfair to get married because of getting rid of the bad luck only. Ruco emphasised his mother did not pressure him to get married but worry about nobody taking care of him in the future. It required time to find an appropriate partner without rushing things.

Ruco said: “We feel happy during our happy moments but many conflicts appear at unhappy moments.” He denied about lacking of confidence towards marriage and explained his flaws made the people surrounding him felt suffering and uncomfortable. It made Ruco believed that he must not made an impulse decision about marriage upon seeing Phoebe suffering from injustice.

Ruco also felt grateful to the company for granting him 10 months of leave so that he could handle his personal issue: “I am a celebrity and it is normal to encounter such issues. I must learn to handle it…… I must have some problems during the process. Otherwise, the problems will not surface. How to resolve the matter?”

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