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Samantha Ko falls down when filming new series

Samantha Ko (高海寧) looked energetic and remained in a good mood despite the injury during the filming for new series (C9特工) at a promotion activity for BB Is Here (BB來了) on 2nd July 2018. When mentioned about falling down at the street and sending to the hospital for treatment a few days ago, Samantha replied her back head remained swollen and the bruise on her right waist had not faded: “Fortunately, my hip lies on the floor first and there is some side effects such as seeing double vision on my right eye. The doctor does a preliminary check up for me and discovers it is due to one of my eyes’ muscles. He advises me not to drive temporarily and go for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.”

Suggesting that she ordered her admirers to fetch her to work and from home, Samantha replied she did not have any admirers. When asked about getting her boyfriend, Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) to act as her chauffeur, Samantha said: “He has a chauffeur and does not know how to drive. I can sit in the company’s car when working.”

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