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Sammi Cheng’s new song results in plagiarism issue

Lately, Hong Kong singing diva, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) releases her new song (千年如一日) composed by Zac Kao (高皓正) and Johnny Yim, while Jason Choi (蔡德才) is the music producer. Although it receives supports from many fans once releasing the song online shortly, but it results in plagiarism issue.

Hong Kong music composer, Jim Ling left a message on Facebook earlier: “I do not mind if they approach me to compose the music eventually but they should look for me if planning to copy my song.” He also uploaded the song (千年如一日) sang by the original singer, Zac Kao online and posted another message: “Your reputation is important and what about mine? You even tell me to shut up and what type of world is this?”

Subsequently, HK01 (香港01) contacted Sammi’s record company and they were currently investigating the issue.

In addition, HK01 tried to contact Zac Kao but he did not make any response until now.

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