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Sarah Song is expecting a baby boy; Jason Chan will accompany her in the delivery room

Sarah Song (宋熙年) is pregnant for 5 months and was present at a press conference for new vehicle with her husband, Jason Chan (陳智燊) on 18th May 2018. He held Sarah’s stomach while taking photo together. When asked about the baby’s gender, Jason said with excitement: “I have 4 brothers and my father hopes to have a granddaughter. She has sisters over her side and her family hopes to see a baby boy. She is expecting a baby boy this time and my grandparent hope to see a granddaughter next time.”

Sarah remained slim overall and expressed her condition was satisfactory. Asking about her appetite, Sarah replied it was the same and she would be visiting her parent in Australia before giving birth. When checked if he planned to accompany his wife in the delivery room, Jason said it did not cross his mind and he would definitely accompany her even if he was afraid of blood.

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