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Sarah Song is unaware of her baby gender; Jason Chan turns into paranoid husband

Sarah Song (宋熙年) announced she was pregnant a few days ago and continued to wear 3 inches high heels as the host at an event on 11th April 2018: “My husband disallows me to wear high heels but it is to match the occasion. I am worried about hurting my back and will be extra careful though. I will change back to flat heels thereafter and safety is most important.”

Sarah revealed her husband, Jason Chan (陳智燊) was extremely paranoid regardless of eating and sitting down: “He is a beginner and tends to be more paranoid. (Feels unwell in early pregnancy stage?) No puking but feeling tired and lost of appetite. My colleagues feel I lose weight and assume it is due to my work. It is back to normal now and I can eat more food and nourish my body. But I dare not eat too much due to fear of gaining weight.”

As Sarah was currently expecting, she treated it as their honeymoon and will enjoy their two person world together. Sarah planned to visit her parent in Australia and when asked if she knew the baby gender, Sarah replied her baby felt shy and failed to see the gender after scanning several times. Nevertheless, she promised to disclose the baby gender after the next scan: “Baby gender does not matter and the health is most important. Perhaps there is no pressure in first pregnancy but I will be more concerned in second pregnancy.”

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