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Scarlett Wong exposes Jacqueline Wong does not tidy up her room

Scarlett Wong (黃心美) and Josephine Ng (朱薰) attended a local charity drive (舊書回收義賣大行動) in Plaza Hollywood on 26th July 2018. Scarlett brought a book (斷捨離) to caution people to think thrice before buying stuff and believed it was suitable for his sister, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) who loved shopping: “She has lots of stuff in her room including the shelves in the maid’s room. It is full of clothes and shoes and the maid comments that she is dirty.”

Scarlett also exposed Jacqueline loved shopping very much and did not tidy up her room because of her mother who doted on her. Due to the wealthy family background, Jacqueline must buy something before returning home. Scarlett said: “I am a tidy person and feel frustrated when going into her room. I help to tidy up her room when Jacqueline is away for Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant but it is back to the same condition immediately upon coming back.”

Although Jacqueline had moved out, but Scarlett was reminded about the house had no water supply once: “I assume she has forgotten to pay the water bill but it turns out not to be. (Will her daily routine frighten Kenneth Ma (馬國明)?) I reckon no. He is a kind-hearted person and should accept her weaknesses.”

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