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Selena Lee finally has new TVB drama after 2 years

Selena Lee (李施嬅) promoted Succession War (天命) drama and felt elated that she finally had new series which will be airing soon, as it had been more than 2 years since she filmed TVB drama. Many fans and audiences asked about her whereabouts and Selena felt it was unbelievable that 2 years passed too quickly. She asked if everybody remembered her and said: “Fortunately, I am currently single. Otherwise, you assume that I am married now.”

When asked about her updates for the past 2 years, Selena said: “I have been filming series in overseas. I shoot a mini movie in US and series in Canada earlier. Basically, I film one TVB drama in a year.”

As most artiste have been venturing in other countries in recent years, Selena believed she should be considered one of them: “Filming in other countries such as Singapore and Canada should be counted and I am speaking English.” She also emphasised that enriching her experiences was the most essential.

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