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Selena Lee suffers from hair loss when filming Succession War drama

Other than watching Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) fighting against Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in Succession War (天命) drama, we get to see Selena Lee (李施嬅) looking glamorously in her ancient costume. However, there is a price to pay for in order to look beautiful. Selena begins to suffer from hair loss after wearing head accessories weighing 10 pound daily and the drastic emotions faced by the role character. During a promotion campaign for Succession War series on 7th July 2018, Selena admitted she felt troubled: “I am very frightened at the time.”

Selena revealed she tried to film the drama for 10 consecutive days: “I suffer from tremendous pressure. I act as a royal concubine and the head accessories become heavier depending on your seniority. I wear it for 16 hours everyday and 10 consecutive days. Also, there is many dialogues to memorise and the drastic emotion faced by the role character. It should be the cause behind the hair loss problem. There is 2 holes on my head and it resembles to a bald head. Although I am fine now, but feel extremely frightened at the point.”

As the news reported that Selena felt disheartened for not getting any awards in TVB and decided to leave, Selena replied she felt grateful to TVB for grooming her: “I did say about my thoughts in my group (胡說八道真情假期). I feel very emotional and say lots of stuff. Despite an artiste winning more than 10 awards, but he or she may lack of confidence and has doubts in himself or herself at times. It happens to me too and it is definitely a joy to win award. I do not feel disheartened and feel grateful to TVB for giving me two awards and grooming me. Honestly, the biggest credit goes to TVB upon winning awards in other places. I am currently liaising the contract renewal with TVB and the details are not finalised yet. TVB is my home forever and I become what I am today because of them. I will not be an ungrateful person.”

When asked if she wished to become TV Queen, Selena said: “It is every artiste’s wish to win best actress award but it depends on many factors such as timing and luck. If I force TVB to give me the award in exchange for contract renewal, it will be worse to gain acceptance from the audiences. It does not matter if I have no award and what matters most is everyone recognises my acting skills.”

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