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Sharon Chan cries and ruins her make-up upon thinking of her son

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Albert Au (區永權) hosted the tour show (到此一遊 台北) together and wore pink jackets at the press conference on 15th July 2018.

When mentioned about the filming process, Sharon revealed she cried in front of the camera and it made her partner’s eyes wet as well. She explained: “Shooting for 17 days and it is the first time that I leave my son for a long period of time. I miss him very much. Albert feels touched when a drawing artist draws portrait of him playing football with his son and I am carrying my son. I start to cry upon reminding me of my son is born at the time and it ruin my make-up too. I miss my son very much and even cry thrice in my room secretly. I may consider bringing him along when shooting show in overseas next time.”

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