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Sharon Chan is criticised in tour show: I accept it

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Albert Au (區永權) host the tour show, What’s Up Taipei? (到此一遊 台北) together and it receives good responses. Sharon was shooting new series, The Solution Expert (解決師) at TV City on 30th July 2018 and said: “I notice the negative comments too. The director is nice and writes down food locations for me and I can forward to everybody. (The audiences comment it is unprofessional as you reject food tasting frequently?) I dislike smelly beancurd but many friends love it and feel surprised that I say it is smelly. Plus, my body condition is unsuitable to eat durian. I know some netizens comment I behave like a “Hong Kong girl” and some people may like or dislike anything that you do. I do not feel unhappy and the dialogues that Albert and I have is to produce some exaggerating effects. It is supposed to bring entertainment and make the audiences engage in a discussion.”

When mentioned about Sharon’s absence in certain restaurants, she said: “I left early in certain scenes as need to shoot new series in Hong Kong. I need to answer to my online account and accept the criticisms. Lastly, I promise everybody that I eat anything next time.”

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