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Sheren Tang shoots ViuTV new series and loves TVB very much

TV Queen, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) is supposed to shoot TVB new series, Wonder Women (多功能老婆) directed by Ella Chan Bo Wah (陳寶華) as the female lead but it goes towards Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) who is suspected to stealing it from her. Lately, Sheren films ViuTV new series with former TVB actor, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) as husband and wife.

Sheren accepted an interview from Ming Pao (明周) and when mentioned about Ella made a comeback to TVB, she felt grateful to Ella for approaching her first but there was no concrete plan at the time and believed they had reason for choosing Miriam eventually. As for pointed to “betray” TVB, Sheren replied many artiste came from TVB and it was considered old-fashioned when the news always reported that they were stealing the limelights. It was an Internet world and Hong Kong market had to fight against Europe, US, Japanese, Korea and Chinese series. She said: “You keep saying that I reprimand TVB and I can only say love well, whip well (愛之深,責之切).” Sheren did not comment TVB was slacking but hope room for improvements in terms of films and drama in the world. It was impossible for her to side with TVB that their series remained perfect.

Sheren said: “Hong Kong series used to be the market leader and many people watch Hong Kong drama during their childhoods. I am saying it honestly as loving TVB too much. I used to point out the problems whenever having dinner with colleagues and senior management but it was useless. When the reporters discovered it and asked me, I knew about it and it was impossible to rely on my acting skills to hide simple background setting. The plot line was unclear and the ratings record decreased . I cannot lie about it and prove I can achieve good results in other places. I hope that you will stop accusing me and I love TVB very much.”

In addition, Sheren explained that she decided to shoot ViuTV series due to the sincerity, script and bringing a fresh feeling. The filming will start in September and she felt relieved upon receiving the script one month before the shooting commenced.

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