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Shirley Yeung recalls a life and death encounter; Michelle Reis is her relative?

There is many audiences and renowned models in the book exhibition this year. One of the familiar faces include 39 years old Shirley Yeung (楊思琦).

It is the first time for Shirley to release her photo album book, Miss Szeki 2018 selling at retail price, $198. Other than showing beautiful photos, it also includes her inner thoughts and the veterans, Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Stephen Chan (陳志雲) and former TVB colleagues.

In the book, Shirley remarked that she was an ordinary girl who was clueless at dolling herself up with a daily dry life. Her mother pushed her to sign up for Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and help to apply make-up for her as well. She felt disgusted and old-fashioned at the time: “How to participate in beauty pageant with that look?”

Shirley mentioned that she had been working continuously without applying any leave when working in TVB for the first 4 years until her health begun to have problem. It reminded her of a life and death encounter when filming The Biter Bitten (人生馬戲團) drama many years ago. She illustrated that there was 5 vehicles on the road and a group of men dashed towards them with knives upon walking out from the karaoke club with Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) at night. I am shocked and know that we have to run immediately. Otherwise, we will be dead meat if they catch us. It is very scary and resembles to filming drama. I start to run out of breath and fortunately, Linda keeps urging me to run and we hide in the grass eventually.” From the look of it, the story is similar to Linda’s version.

When stated about her love perspective, Shirley hoped to get married but failed to find a perfect man despite having suitors in the past years. She emphasised appearance was secondary concern and having love and caring for her daughter was the most important. Shirley did not care about the man’s wealth and what matters most was able to earn a living. Nevertheless, she continued to look forward to love and leave it to destiny.

In addition, Shirley revealed a big secret that Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) was her relative in the ending of her book and they were unfamiliar with each other although seeing each other during family gatherings at times. She usually avoided to talk about this matter but decided to reveal the secret to mark the ending of her book.

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