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Shirley Yeung resembles a young girl: It feels good to wake up naturally

A couple of days ago, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) took her daughter to the cruise for 6 days and shared several beautiful photos on Weibo. She wore a sleeveless dress and an outfit revealing her tiny waist and good body figure. Shirley also uploaded photo of herself in bed and left a message: “It feels good to wake up naturally!” It is indeed a relaxing vacation.

On 8th April 2018, Shirley accepted a telephone interview from Apple Daily (蘋果): “I booked a cruise earlier but could not go due to work. Only my mother and daughter go there by themselves. It is the first time that I go for a cruise with my daughter and feel elated to see many stuff suitable for the children to play. (Why do you take many beautiful photos?) Many female friends and families are there as well. I do not want to apply make-up initially but they urge me to as it is rare to take photos in the ship. I take most photos by myself and my friend help me when looking at the sea.”

Although Shirley is a mother of 1 daughter, but she remains fit and we can even see her muscles. She said: “It is hard for me on usual days and easy to have muscles as a result.”

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