Shopaholic Rosamund Kwan describes her Wardrobe as Boutique

Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) turned up at the fashion show in Shanghai last night and it showcased the first autumn collection from Rosamund MOISELLE 2018 designed by her. She acts as the design director for nearly 2 years and has released 4 collections until now. Rosamund admitted to suffering from insomnia due to difficulty in finding inspirations and fortunately the creative director, Harris Chan (陳栢熹) helped her to overcome the obstacles, and they will be continuing their collaborations in the future.

Rosamund confessed she was a shopaholic and there was a change in her current attitude: “I used to love shopping very much and there was expertise helping me to buy clothes. But now, I have lost the interest and do not mind casual wear and repeated outfits. It helps in environmental protection and reduces my expenses though.” Rosamund added she had more than 1000 evening gowns and her old house had a wardrobe consisting of 2 levels resembling a mini boutique: “Women are ridiculous and looking at the wardrobe is a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Hence, I give many clothes away and consider selling second hand clothes as a charity drive.”

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