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Snow Suen may join reality show in order to lose weight

Snow Suen (孫慧雪) accepted an interview at Metro Broadcast Corporation (新城) on 4th April 2018 and revealed she ate continuously due to carrying her 8 months old son, Riley in Thailand last week: “I used to weight around 120 pound and gain 5 pound extra after eating all the way.” Complimenting that she was brave to bring her son to overseas, Snow replied she will bring him for short trips only and fortunately, he fell asleep once in the plane. The passenger sat beside her was afraid of the crying sound initially and praised Snow’s son was obedient after that.

Snow revealed she prepared little clothes for herself and 2 luggage with milk steriliser for Riley but the hotel had that facility. Snow had to carry her son throughout as he refused to let other people to carry him: “He weights 25 pound and resembles a 2 year old kid. He starts to talk but not walking and refusing to sit in the baby pram.”

In addition, Snow will be filming new series and needs to lose 15 pound weight: “Perhaps I may join the reality show and let’s see which product or method is better.”

When asked if her husband minded that she gained weight, Snow replied he could not complain: “He praises I look cute. Riley and he feel I am the most beautiful and my friends compliment I look prosperous.” Mentioning about Sarah Song (宋熙年) was pregnant, Snow welcomed her to seek baby knowledge from her.

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