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Steals Sheren Tang’s role character? Miriam Yeung says the truth is always hidden

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) attended an Italian brand, Tod’s event at night in Singapore on 11th April 2018 and the flagship store was opened after the renovation. She was in Singapore last week and her husband, Real Ting (丁子高) took their son to Thailand for holidays due to an activity in Hong Kong. Hence, Miriam was in lion city alone this week and will be joining her family in Thailand thereafter.

Since Miriam mentioned about filming new series, Wonder Woman (多功能老婆) next month and checking if she stole the female lead role from Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), she said: “Huh? I have no idea and the reliability of this new is extremely low. Everyone in Hong Kong knows my top priority is my family and I prefer to spend time with my son if not for the invitation. Honestly, Real knows the screenwriter, Ella Chan Bo Wah (陳寶華) well and my mother is close to Sheren’s mother too. Anyway, Sheren and my family are good friends and have dinner together at times. From my understanding, I guess there is another series based on educational values for her and it will be embarrassing to see each other if we are strangers. Perhaps everybody is unaware of this but the truth is always hidden.” She looked forward to this series as it was different from her usual past role characters.

When asked if she was considered as a super wife, Miriam said: “The girls have no problem with multitasking now and we have many things to take care of despite being a single or married woman. A survey in Hong Kong shows that there is more women than men and we need to analyse the society problem. (How is the preparation for the series?) I have met up with Ella and want to increase my understanding of the role character. I am reading the script now and the filming will take place in a relaxing atmosphere.”

Wondering if Miriam missed her husband or son more when away for business trips, she said after thinking for a moment: “Will think of the appropriate person at the right timing. (Miss your son during the shooting?) He is studying year 2 now and has many school activities. I have arranged the schedule for him and we will accompany him after our work. He also understands that I have my work to do.”

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