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Stephy Tang and Wang Zi share one hotel room? Chris Chiu dares not say much

34 years old Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) admitted to her romance with former member, Wang Zi (邱勝翊) from Taiwanese boyband, Lollipop. He is currently accompanying his girlfriend in Hong Kong.

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Wang Zi appear to have a special liking for women who are older than them. Wang Zi’s old love, Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) is older than him by 5 years old and it happens to Stephy and him as well. Is it really a coincidence?

Since Stephy and Wang Zi confessed their relationship graciously, what are their family members’ thoughts?

On 17th July 2018, Wang Zi’s younger brother, Chris Chiu (邱宇辰) attended the press conference (籃得好天天公益記者會) in Taiwan. It seemed that he had prepared to answer questions related to his brother’s romance and said: “My brother is good looking and it is rare to see that he admits to his relationship publicly.” Chris added that Wang Zi capped the news in group chat upon his love confession news was released and their parent gave their likes.

Chris said: “We used to think dating is wrong when in a boyband in the past, but we are able to accept it and making friends are normal. Perhaps he is at an acceptable age now and hope everyone will give them blessings and privacy.”

Asking if he followed along to their Thailand trip earlier, Chris said: “I do not want to go initially but it has been a long time since I travel overseas after filming drama and decide to go along.” There was 3 pairs of couples other than Stephy and Wang Zi. He praised Stephy was very nice and resembled a sister while Wang Zi talked to her in a very gentle tone.

When checked if Wang Zi and Stephy shared one hotel room, Chris smiled with embarrassment: “I dare not say much and please give them some privacy.” Asking about the criteria to become his girlfriend, Chris replied he used to emphasise on appearance but personality was the most important: “It is good when we can be good friends and lovers at the same time.” He also planned to learn from his brother and approach Cherrie Ying (應采兒) to become his matchmaker.

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