Steven Ma is unaware of Nancy Wu’s old love is Kenneth Ma

Steven Ma (馬浚偉), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Alice Fung (馮素波), Brian Wong (黃澤鋒) and Lam King Kong (林敬剛) attended the press conference of the stage play, Two English Renderings of Xu Zhimo’s Chance (偶然‧徐志摩) on 27th May 2018. It will be conducting 11 public performances from end June and the sales for the debut session will be donated to charity.

Nancy realised filming stage play was different from drama and thanked for the guidance from Steven. When mentioned that Steven mistook that she had a boyfriend, Nancy said: “He assumes the news is real and searches my background information online. He understands my love history after that.” Asking if he was aware of her old love, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was part of the cast team in Deep in the Realm of Conscience (深宮計) drama, Steven said: “Nope. I am useless. (Introduce any guys to her?) Nope as there is no good man surrounding me.”

Steven revealed that his relatives complained about seeing him everywhere due to the recent promotion activities for the drama and stage play: “They hear my interview even in Canada. Haha. Because we will be performing in US and Canada later.”

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