Steven Ma praises David Chiang is a humble veteran

The stage play, Two English Renderings of Xu Zhimo’s Chance (偶然‧徐志摩) starring Nancy Wu (胡定欣), John/ David Chiang (姜大衛) and Steven Ma (馬浚偉) as an actor and director will be commencing the first public performance next month. Steven has been actively rehearsing and hoping to present the best performance in a perfect condition: “Please buy tickets early if you have not as it will be my last stage play for now. Kindly cherish the opportunity.”

A few days ago, John/ David rehearsed the scene with Steven for the first time and felt good: “It turns out to be different despite acting for more than many years. I feel nervous and stressed due to limited experience in stage play.” Steven praised John was a senior veteran who remained humble and humorous with everybody, and made the filming partner felt relaxed during the shooting.

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