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Succession War drama: Selena Lee steals the limelight from Natalie Tong

TVB is airing Succession War (天命) drama immediately after Flying Tiger (飛虎) series. Annie Liu (劉心悠) is considered the best actress who looks glamorous in ancient costume in Deep in the Realm of Conscience (深宮計) series while Selena Lee (李施嬅) outshines other female cast team members in terms of ancient beauty in Succession War drama. Selena acts as an empress and ends up stealing the limelight from TV Queen, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠).

As Selena has an ancient beauty look, she is suitable to act in period drama and consider more eye-catching than filming modern drama at times. Although it is her first time to act as an empress and lacks of domineering air, but Selena’s refined and elegant appearance manages to make up for the flaws. Looks like TVB has another celebrity who can act as a beautiful empress.

Apparently, Selena joins showbiz for 30 years and films more than 30 series including 14 period drama. She also portrays an ancient character in a modern drama, Presumed Accidents (純熟意外) and it is evident that many film producers in TVB love to approach Selena to film period drama.

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