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The Stunt drama: Rebecca Zhu wears bikini to play volleyball scene is removed

It is Rebecca Zhu’s (朱晨麗) first time to be given the female lead role in TVB new series, The Stunt (特技) which aired its debut at night on 7th August 2018. The main highlight is Rebecca is wearing a bikini to play volleyball at the beach and she remarked that it was sexier compared to the outfit in Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant at the time. Apparently, many audiences and netizens looked forward to the drama when the preview was shown in TVB Sales Presentation(無綫節目劇集巡禮) last year especially when there was a scene revealing her cleavage. However, that scene was removed in the first episode and several netizens demanded Rebecca to return the scene to them.

Thus, Rebecca said during the promotion campaign on 8th August 2018: “I did watch the first episode and it is decided by the company. It issued an “exposure limit” earlier and I feel disappointed that it is removed as it is a difficult filming process. Honestly, I really want to see the effects after airing it. (How to make up for it?) Leave it to Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) since he has made a promise. (But they want to see you and what about wearing it again?) Nope. That volleyball scene is already my bottom limit. It has too little cloth and I cannot make any safety precaution. Girls feel most worried about exposing themselves.”

In addition, Rebecca recalled about the embarrassment to film the volleyball scene and tried to fight for changing the outfit: “The night before the shooting, I tried to call the film director, film producer and scriptwriter to change to another outfit upon checking it with the clothes department. They replied it was normal at the beach and I have no choice as an artiste needs to face many challenges and I do it in the end. (Cannot accept sexier performance?) It does not cross my mind and I am not heading toward sexy direction. Anyway, the company has its rules and I treat this scene as a memory. (Do it again if the ratings record exceeds 40 pts?) 40 pts? Are you referring to the weather? Let’s see how it goes.”

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