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Toby Chan denies she is a two timer and materialistic woman

Toby Chan is pointed as a materialistic woman as she snatches Ruby Lau’s (劉依靜) boyfriend, Benny (楊振源), the boss of Choi Fung Hong Company Limited (彩豐行) despite dating her lawyer boyfriend, Warren (唐偉倫). On 3rd June 2018, she denied about being two timer at a dinner party for Deep in the Realm of Conscience (宮心計2深宮計) drama.

Toby expressed her last romance lasted 2 years and found it hard to explain the process to the public: “I am clueless about pointed as materialistic woman. Others believe I should accept the destiny but I cannot do it. I am a strong woman who cannot accompany the opposite party for 24 hours and he cannot accept it.”

Also, Toby had absolute trust in her boyfriend, Benny that he had broken up with Ruby long ago. She added they were at understanding stage for several months and got along well. It made Toby felt touched upon reading his love confession online but had not treated him as her marriage partner at this stage.

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