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Toby Chan has no plan for flash marriage

Toby Chan (陳庭欣) admitted to her romance with the boss, Benny of Choi Fung Hong Company Limited (彩豐行) earlier. On 9th June 2018, she wore different types of wedding gowns at a wedding exhibition and when asked if she was ready to become a bride, Tracy replied she wore many wedding gowns and it resembled to wearing casual clothes. However, it was a different feeling when getting married and she preferred to wear simple design. Asking if she will go for flash marriage, Toby said: “It is not part of my plan. (Establish consensus with your boyfriend?) It does not cross my mind yet and what matters most is to let my family know. I hope my previous response will reduce the misunderstandings.”

When mentioned about taken photos of eating with Benny’s children together and having an enjoyable time, Toby remarked she could get along with anyone. Reminding that Benny’s ex-wife congratulated them online, Toby said: “No idea. They do not work in showbiz and I do not want to affect them. Hope everyone will respect them. (How about his old love, Ruby Lau [劉依靜]?) I have no comment and do not want to create an impression of her through news report.”

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