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Tony Leung suffers from tremendous pressure when filming movies

Tony Leung (梁朝偉) attended the movie premiere, Europe Raiders (歐洲攻略) at night on 16th August 2018. He revealed that he would be having a vacation until January 2019 after completing the promotion campaigns for Europe Raiders film in Hong Kong: “I do exercises in the morning, play piano and read book in the afternoon. It is very satisfying and Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) does not force me to work and what matters most is my happiness.”

Tony expressed he joined showbiz for 36 years and wished to do his favourite stuff and spend more time with his family. However, he denied semi-retirement and would continue to film movie if there was a good script: “I usually give tremendous pressure to myself when shooting films as want to give full efforts. Earlier, I see a dentist and realise I like to grind teeth and must wear braces to bed, but this problem disappears when I am not filming movie and it shows I suffer from tremendous stress. (Tell Carina to slow down too?) She loves to work and will not slow down. I tell her to see red leaves with me during autumn and she has a week break only. She likes to go with a group and I prefer to be a loner.”

When mentioned about Carina acting as his manager as his collaboration with (澤東結) had ended, Tony was uncertain if anybody approached Carina to become his manager: “It depends on destiny to look for a manager. Anyway, I have less workload now and let’s take things slowly.” He added he currently lacked of courage to perform stage play and believed he would take up the challenge one day.

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