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Tracy Chu prefers to choose jewellery with her boyfriend together

Tracy Chu (朱千雪) wore 3 expensive jewellery including jade and sapphire at an auction organised by Phillips (富藝斯) at the Central.

When asked about feeling extremely nervous, Tracy explained every jewellery was exclusive and she could not afford to pay for it if it went missing. Tracy revealed her jewellery were not considered expensive and said: “My parent give me a diamond earring and bangle when I graduated from the university and it is meaningful to me. I place it inside the safe deposit box as I respect my jewellery. (Your parent will give you an expensive gift after completing your Master’s Degree?) I am earning money now and they tell me to buy it by myself.” She was thinking about doing artwork and shooting shows during the holidays so as to earn additional income.

Tracy had not received any jewellery from her boyfriend, Justin yet and preferred to buy it by herself in order to choose the design. She hoped her fiance will buy it for her when getting married in the future and it was the thoughts that counted.

Checking if she looked forward to Justin giving her jewellery to express his marriage thought, Tracy said: “Perhaps he does something wrong. He does not even know the design I like and I will choose it with him next time.” She also hoped to design her ring in the future.

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