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Vincent Wong acts as a “chauffeur” to pick up his family

Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Rabeea Yeung (楊洛婷) attended the movie premiere, Mission: Impossible-Fallout (職業特工隊:叛逆之謎) on 25th July 2018. Vincent expressed he was a driver who emphasised on safety and refrained from driving fast especially when there was children. He added he usually picked up his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and daughter as a “chauffeur”: “Yoyo seldom drives as she is scared of driving. I pick them up and take my daughter out to play during my free time. Yoyo takes care of her whenever I am working.”

Vincent also disclosed Yoyo and his daughter had gone for holidays and he could not accompany them due to working. When asked if his daughter demanded to see him, Vincent replied his daughter was very obedient and they saw each other everyday during his break earlier.

As the host, Rabeea revealed she got her driving licence at 16 years old and loved to drive fast. Her husband praised she had good driving skills but started to drive slowly after having children.

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