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Vincent Wong and Owen Cheung play with ‘hehe” feelings?

Vincent Wong (王浩信) wins TV King this year and has many rumours even after married. As his role characters have given deep impressions to the audiences, a loyal fan club has set up for Vincent.

Earlier after a major-scale event organised by TVB, East Week (東周網) discovered a big group of fans were waiting outside TV City. Vincent’s fans were considered the most eye-catching as they wore baseball uniforms with number 7 designed by the fan club. It turns out that Vincent’s birthday falls on 7th July and number 7 represents him.

Coincidentally, Owen Cheung’s (張振朗) held a belated birthday celebration for him on that day and their fans requested them to take photos together while cutting the birthday cake since they filmed Legal Mavericks (踩過界) drama together. East Week saw both were pretending to look at each other passionately and Owen nearly kissed Vincent’s cheek. It made them feel that they were having “hehe” feelings and ended up laughing. Looks like it is hard to be an idol nowadays as have to fulfil every fan’s request.

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