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Vincent Wong aspires to become super hero in Hong Kong

Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) were present at an opening ceremony of Avengers: Infinity War (復仇者聯盟3) film on 12th April 2018. Vincent loved iron man and star-lord and hoped Hong Kong will produce Asian and local heroes. He also expressed his desire to become super hero in Hong Kong and Ali asked: “Including blind legal knight?” They commented they had incredible energies of not eating and sleeping as artiste.

Vincent loved 1 vs 1 model but the house had little spaces and he saved up the money instead: “The property prices increase when I save up the money. It makes me feel relieved if I film a hero movie.” Ali admitted she had yet to save money and change it to positive energy. When asked if Ali felt happy upon seeing her boyfriend, Danny Chan, she said: “Unnecessarily. Two tend to have conflicts during the interaction and I must remember the happy stuff and forget the unhappy past.”

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