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Vincent Wong beats red lights by cycling: Thank you for the reminder

Vincent Wong (王浩信), Linda Wong (王馨平), Kenneth Tsang (曾江) and Kathy Chow (周汶錡) attended a jewellery brand event at night in Wan Chai. A few days ago, a reader from Apple Daily (蘋果) exposed Vincent through (爆相爆料) for beating red lights by cycling and he said thanks for the reminder. It let him learned a valuable lesson: “It increase my understanding about the traffic and I will be extra careful in the future. Hope the media will help me to promote the awareness in driving to the public.”

Vincent revealed he usually went for cycling: “I buy food near my house on that day and cycle faster as worry about the food getting cold. I fail to notice it and will take note of the traffic safety in the future. (Teach your 6 years old daughter about cycling safely?) I teach her cycling only. I take her to play badminton earlier and she is able to cycle without help now. Hopefully we can cycle together soon.”

When mentioned about standing separately with his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) during the photography session at Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) birthday party and the public suspected they had marriage problem again, Vincent explained: “The men stand at one side while the women stand on another side. Please be less sensitive and thank you for the concern. We should focus on giving the blessings to Sharon.”

Asking about the celebration for Mother’s Day, Vincent left it to his daughter’s arrangement: “She knows what to do now and I will be celebrating with my mother and granny. My granny is sick earlier and she recovers not long ago. I hope to make up to her and spend more time with her. I am filming new drama next month and will not be able to accompany my daughter.”

As his daughter was studying primary one soon, Vincent felt happy to find a school for her and they will be participating in family activities together: “The school focuses on the interaction between the parent and children and I need to spend more time. She studies in an international school and many people may not recognise us. I try not to affect others and concentrate on the family activities with my daughter.”

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