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Vincent Wong breaks his promise? Devastated Yoyo Chen files for separation

Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) expressed her absolute trust in her husband, Vincent Wong (王浩信) initially when he had rumours with Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and Kong Kaman (江嘉敏). Yoyo used to upload photos of Vincent and herself in the past but she has been posting her solo photos recently. In order to salvage their marriage, Vincent promised to go for holidays together with Yoyo once a year and buy an apartment for her in an event earlier. However, he bought it for his mother in Clear Water Bay instead and Yoyo was completely unaware of it. Thus, rumours of her taking the initiative to seek for divorce has been circulating around.

As Vincent believes in Christian in recent years, he learns to accept good or bad situations and live his life to the fullest. Despite emphasising his marriage has no problem, Vincent believes it is a valuable lesson when there is marriage crisis and a form of happiness to cherish the people surrounding him. On 7th June 2018, a news reported that Yoyo had tolerated and gave many chances to Vincent after the persuading from her friends in showbiz and they were at the separation stage now. She decided to make the move and tell her husband to move out after returning to Hong Kong from filming a show in Dubai. It is believed that Vincent needs to have a new house when buying it for his mother.

The news also stated that Yoyo had little friends in showbiz, usually confided in her religious friends and continued to work hard after that. Vincent’s parent started to look after her daughter upon studying in primary school and Vincent said to the reporters on 7th June 2018: “No reply. Thank you for the concern.”

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