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Vincent Wong buys an apartment for his mother: I buy it for my wife next time

Vincent Wong (王浩信) was busy filming TVB’s anniversary drama, Heart and Greed 3 (溏心風暴3) in last May and the news reported that he planned to buy a property for his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) in order to pacify her. He aimed to buy an apartment in Repulse Bay and might buy a smaller apartment due to his budget constraint.

After a year later, Vincent became TV King and had been working continuously. He told everyone that he wanted to give an apartment as a gift to his wife on behalf of his daughter. Vincent had been trying hard to save money and the target was getting closer. He planned to buy it in Tseung Kwan o or Sai Kung Town and wrote it in Yoyo’s name.

On 24th May 2018, Vincent purchased an apartment situated in block B at Clear Water Bay and accepted an interview at night: “I view it together with my mother and she loves it. I decide to buy it. (You buy two apartments?) Nope, let’s do it step by step. I have discussed with Yoyo that I will buy for my mother first and buy it for her later. She supports me and I need to continue to save money first.”

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