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Vincent Wong feels emotional about his 17 years friendship with a male friend

34 years old Vincent Wong (王浩信) won TV King last year and his career was at the peak, but his marriage flashed red lights instead.

It is rumoured that Vincent failed to overcome the seven year itch (七年之癢) in his marriage with Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) who lost her trust in him completely. Vincent also broke his promise about buying a house for her and bought it for his mother in Clear Water Bay instead. Apparently, Yoyo was totally unaware of it and decided to file for separation. She has been attending her religious meetings lately and confiding to her religious friends. As for her 6 years old daughter, she will be studying in primary school in September 2018 and Vincent’s parent is currently looking after her. Confirming about the gossips, Vincent did not deny it and said to the media: “No reply. Thank you for the concern.”

However, it appeared that Vincent’s mood was unaffected and he shared new and old photos of himself with a male friend who pretended to suffer in pain on Instagram. Vincent left an online message: “True friend and true love. The photo on the left is my friend and my current appearances while the photo on the right is taken in Seattle in 17 years ago. We remain close friends and feel as as if all experiences happen yesterday. It is full of love and happiness which exceed the country and language limits. Congratulations to beginning the next chapter and I feel happy for you!”

In addition, Vincent uploaded photo of himself accompanying his daughter drawing on Instagram on 8th June 2018. We can see she is drawing while Vincent only reveals one hand and where is Yoyo? He left a message: “First time we work on a same piece. #QQ #like father like daughter #artwork”

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