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Vincent Wong hopes to increase his chest size; Ali Lee wants to have a “peach” buttock

Vincent Wong (王浩信) wore a vest to attend an opening ceremony of a beauty centre with Ali Lee (李佳芯) on 16th May 2018. He revealed he went for training for 7 consecutive days for his killer role in new drama and challenged doing push ups with the coach. He also demonstrated on the usage of the equipment.

Vincent explained he did not remove his top as he revealed it several times in the series. He had gained 10 pound in weight for the role and achieved around 4 to 6 abdominal muscles. Vincent hoped to reach the chest size at 43 inches.

As for Ali, she touched the coach’s different body parts and felt excited when beating his buttock. She described to touching hunk’s bodies in the public as eating dessert and could only touch once. Ali went for running and hiking frequently so as to achieve “peach” buttock. She emphasised she kept fit for herself and not others.

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