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Wang Zi hopes to have two children after married

Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and former member, Wang Zi (邱勝翊) of Taiwanese boyband group, Lollipop admitted their romance after several months upon discovering of travelling to Taiwan together after their holidays in Thailand. He also travelled to Hong Kong to accompany her subsequently and it is obvious that Wang Zi puts in full efforts into the relationship. As for Stephy, she deletes the follower list except for Wang Zi on Instagram.

Apparently, brother-sister romance is getting popular nowadays. When mentioned about long distance relationship during an interview from Taiwan Apple Daily (台灣蘋果日報), Wang Zi replied it was important to achieve that element: “Trust is very important and we always inform our whereabout to each other, but will give privacy when we are busy though.”

As 17th August was Chinese Valentine’s Day, Stephy and Wang Zi had celebrated together in Hualien a few days ago but he denied the trip was unrelated to Chinese Valentine’s Day at an event on that day. Asking if they were celebrating it on the actual day, Wang Zi replied they would have an advance celebration as he would be working. He also admitted he dared not make a card for Stephy due to poor art and craft skills.

Mentioning about another Lollipop member, Qiu Miao Di (邱宇辰) who was his brother, Wang Zi pointed that they always fought for toys when little and handled stress together and upon growing up. They also maintained their brotherly ties. Checking about the number of children that he wished to have after married, Wang Zi said: ‘Two is perfect.”

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