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William Chan’s popularity rises again after showing his muscular body in new drama

Only Side by Side with You (南方有喬木) drama starring Bai Baihe (白百何), William Chan (陳偉霆), Li Xian (李現), Qin Hailu (秦海璐) is currently airing in Jiangsu Television (江蘇衛視). William gets rid of his usual dashing and sunshine looks and shows his muscular body when acting as the owner of a bar, Shi Yue (時樾). It causes many females fan going crazy over him and he discussed about amusing incidents at the drama set during an interview on 3rd April 2018.

Mentioning about his fans complimenting that he looked exactly the same as Shi Yue in the novel, William said: “Because Shi Yue and I have similar characters and we have the same sign, Scorpius. and I show the dark side of myself to everybody. Subsequently during the filming, I am quite negative and can feel the production team find it hard to bear with me as I am in an annoying state and find everybody annoying.”

When asked if he went for training before the shooting as he kept showing his fit body in the series, William laughed and said: “They told me I need to take off my top including showering 2 months before the filming and I decide to go for training after work daily in order not to let them wait. They have been waiting for me all the way and I feel I look alright after training for 1 month.”

Checking about his preferred type of girl in reality since William had been single for a long time and was pointed to date Brazilian model, Bruna lately, William said: “I prefer girls with higher EQ as friction tends to arise from time to time and it will create many tensions if she has a low EQ.”

Asking about Hailu’s impression of William as she was his filming partner in the series, she said: “He is a romantic and naive big boy who gives you lots of sunshines. However in the drama, he has a dark side and films the role character very well. He is a perfect actor and needs to convince people to believe his acting skills. I guess he has no problem in popularity but many people tend to neglect his acting skills. Hopefully more people will recognise his acting skills after filming Only Side by Side with You drama.”

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