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Winnie Young appears at the movie premiere with her family

1995 Ms Hong Kong winner, Winnie Young (楊婉儀) was suspected to mortgage her tiara due to the company’s financial problem earlier. On 15th August 2018, it was her first public appearance with her family at a movie premiere, Big Brother (大師兄) with Donnie Yen (甄子丹) at night on 14th August 2018. When asked if her education business was shut down during an interview, Winnie said: “It is complying with the procedures and inconvenient for me to talk about it. ( Mortgage the tiara to pay the debt?) There is nothing much for me to say. (How is your financial situation?) Good. Sorry, the event is starting soon.” She then left with courtesy.

As Ms Hong Kong, Juliette Louie (雷莊𠒇) was present at the same activity with a foreign wing chun master, she revealed she returned from Canada a month ago and rejected to accept any interviews with smile. Juliette will be returning to Canada again after a month later.

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