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Yang Mi accepts criticisms; Hawick Lau hopes everyone understands the truth

Yang Mi (楊冪) is involved in a fake donation scheme in China lately and explained the whole issue through her work studio on Weibo a few days ago. Yang Mi was approached by Li Meng (李萌) who managed the charity drive (白手杖全國助盲公益活動) while promoting The Witness (我是証人) film in 2015. She promised to donate 200 walking sticks and Li Meng bought 300 walking sticks by himself and donate in Yang Mi’s name in order to show his appreciation. Unfortunately, they failed to discuss the promotion campaign and conduct the charity drive in Chengdu instead. Li Meng announced 500 walking sticks were delivered and $400,000 was spent on Braille writing machines for the schools in Chengdu. However, Chengdu only had 100 walking sticks eventually.

In March 2018, Yang Mi contacted Li Meng immediately and purchased the walking sticks and Braille writing machines upon notifying that he failed to deliver his promise. Finally, Li Meng reverted that he was one of the victims and promised to explain the whole matter to Yang Mi personally but he failed to show up until now.

On Weibo, Yang Mi uploaded the conversations between Li Meng and herself and the receipts of the purchases. She also followed up the matter and left a message online: “I feel shocked and sad upon knowing this issue and dare not say anything as I feel I lack of the qualifications. Regardless of the reason, it is our fault for letting the children to wait for 2 years and I am willing to accept any criticisms. We have been pushing the donations lately and only the finalised donations can express our apology. I will update again once there is any developments and would like to apologise to the children. We will be more careful next time and thank you for giving us a chance to make up for it.”

In addition, Yang Mi’s husband, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) showed his support to her online: “Yang Mi, all our colleagues hope we are able to help the needy people. We need to learn from our mistake and rectify it. I also hope everyone will be extra cautious after understanding the truth.”

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