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Yang Mi is exposed for failing to complete the donations

Chinese artiste Yang Mi (楊冪) acted as a rookie cop who became blind in The Witness (我是證人) film in 2015 and it received good responses.

During the press conference, Yang Mi promised to donate 100 guide canes and 50 typewriters for the blind people so as to promote the plans related to blind people and children with disability. However lately, some Chinese media pointed that Yang Mi had yet to fulfil her promise after 3 years.

Subsequently, Yang Mi’s work studio clarified that they assumed the third party had completed the donations and only discovered it until now. The third party remained uncontactable and Yang Mi promised to finish the donations immediately. She expressed her apology and realised the importance of choosing reliable working partner in the future.

Yang Mi explained the whole matter personally on Weibo on 31st March 2018: “I am very shocked upon knowing this issue and always feel I lack of the qualifications. Regardless of the reason, it is a serious mistake made by my team and myself to let the children waiting for 2 years and I am willing to accept any criticisms. We have been pushing the donations lately in order to show our apology and will update everybody for any developments. I need to apologise to the children and thank you for giving us a chance to make up for it. We will be more careful in the future.”

In addition, Yang Mi’s work studio uploaded 2 receipts and had completed the whole purchases for the donations on 30th March 2018. Based on the receipts, they bought 100 guide canes and 50 typewriters for blind people at $503,000 (Renminbi).

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