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Yoyo Chen denies about her marriage problem with Vincent Wong

Rumours related to Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) are rampant in Hong Kong lately. It was the first time that she responded to the gossips at an event in Ma On Shan on 9th June 2018: “Firstly, I do not file for divorce and throw my husband out of the house. Secondly, my daughter continues to stay with us. Anyway, all the news are fake and I do not understand about the news creation. How can they write in this way?” Yoyo also denied about the separation and explained that Vincent rented another area in order to work and do business.

Checking that Geomancer, Li Kui Ming (李居明) revealed that Yoyo tried to seek advice about her marriage from him while working together in Dubai, she said “We host fengshui show before and it is normal for every artiste to ask about career, marriage, family and health. Somebody tries to blow the matter up after reading the news. (Kui Ming discloses you want to make an appointment with him in Hong Kong?) I reckon there is some misunderstanding and we do not meet up in Hong Kong at all. The master is very busy and assumes that I am looking for him. I am unsure if there is any misunderstanding.”

As Yoyo was not wearing her wedding ring and when asked about it, she said: “I seldom wear it especially working. I am worry about losing the ring if removing it frequently and not wearing the ring does not happen from today onward. (Are Vincent and you still a loving couple?) No changes and we are a couple. (Overcome the seven year itch [七年之癢]?) No reply and I do not want to create more gossips. (Still a loving couple then?) Okay. We are an old couple now. (Discuss together in private?) We are aware of it and clueless about the news origin. They make me resemble a shrew who throws my hubby out of the house.” Yoyo clarified she had a belly and did not lose weight because of the news but everyone failed to see it. Reminding that Vincent bought a luxury house for his mother, Yoyo said: “It is normal for a filial son to buy a house for his mother and why does everyone make it a big issue? (But he promises to buy it for you?) Yes, but not now and I believe he will deliver his promise to me.”

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